Awaken the Joy of Being

through ReCONNECTion with YourSELF

Easy Ways to Ease

…in birth

Easy Ways to Ease

…in relationship

Easy Ways to Ease

…in self

This isn't your regular therapy.

Practical, mindfulness, body and energy psychology approaches to re-wiring your brain for joy, connection and vibrancy. You will learn to have choice in your responses and have better relationships (to self and others), an easier conception, pregnancy, birth and whole life experience.


Are you wanting to live a more vibrant life but feel stuck, anxious or angry?

Take a deep breath and know that you can move through your old, painful story and create a happier, more resonant life! Not only do we carry our past traumas with us but we are constantly bombarded with stressful experiences every day, and this often causes a lot of anxiety or anger – impairing our daily living and our relationships, causing disconnection from ourselves and others. Through easy to learn self-soothing strategies, somatic experiences and simple steps to rewiring your brain, you can empower yourself to a place of ease and reconnection. Are you ready to step into your full magnificence?

Are you wanting a baby or are newly pregnant?

This is the perfect place for you to be. You may have some concerns about the process – feeling worried about passing on your previous traumas or dysfunctional patterns or want to clear away stuck issues. Having a baby is the perfect time to stop the negative cycles from repeating. You can stop the intergenerational transmission of trauma and have an easier conception, pregnancy, birth and relationship; with yourself, your baby and your mate. You can create a safer and more welcoming world for your baby to be. I am glad you are here and I am excited to share…

Are you a Childbirth Worker/Birth Keeper (doula, midwife, nurse, doctor)?

You’ve found the support you need! It’s no secret that your job is one of the most sacred and rewarding of life paths but also one of the most taxing and trauma inducing. You care so much AND give so much to others but who cares for you? How do you calm, how do you get your needs met? Somewhere between the oxytocin high and the burnout is a place of ease you can attain and pass on to your clients. Join me in achieving optimum spiritual and professional fulfillment.


"The Soul always knows what to do to Heal Itself. The challenge is to Silence the Mind."

- Caroline Myss

“Working with Dr. Loi was a wonderful experience. Calm, non judgmental, and compassionate, she helped me break through issues which were holding me back and gave me the tools to tap into my true self and move forward with clarity. I would highly recommend Dr. Loi Medvin to anyone seeking the space to work through life’s little and not so little issues!”

– G.D., Monte Rio CA

More Testimonials

“Dr. Loi’s meditative and relaxation cd has been a great aid in assisting me to gain restful sleep and peace of mind when I am often unable to find tranquility. I highly recommend these recordings to anyone seeking a calm soothing voice to relax with.”

– J. K., Sebastopol CA

More Testimonials

“When my partner leaves town, I have a hard time sleeping soundly. This has been going on for years. I purchased Dr. Loi’s Meditation CD and there are so many guided meditations. I find the whole CD helpful. I’ve defeated my insomnia with the sleep meditation. I also use these guided meditations when I lose focus. I take a little time for a guided meditation, and the clutter in my mind clears out and I am much more productive.”

– N. J., Petaluma CA

More Testimonials

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