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I have so much peace inside here now and it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come!


Santa Rosa, CA

Hi, I’m Dr. Loi. I’m a psychologist licensed in the state of California. My training began through my mother (Jeannine Parvati) who was an international birth educator, author and champion for what she called “Healing the earth through healing birth.” My father was a counselor, is an educator, emergency room physician and director at hospitals, jails and clinics. The life’s work of my parents inspired me to follow a path of nurturing, educating and helping others heal themselves.

I received a BA in Communications and Psychology and then traveled Europe, Africa and the United States. After I birthed my daughter unassisted, I felt empowered to share this experience and assist others in having as satisfying births as possible. I also realized a deep empathic caring I had only read about previously – one that encompassed the earth and all its inhabitants, and I began a non-profit for single parents, hosted a talk radio show, co-produced a coalition newspaper and was an activist for environmental sustainability and social causes.

After suffering from a near death experience, I went back to my hometown to affect greater change by returning to graduate school in psychology. While there, I worked with various populations from pre-school aged victims of trauma, in clinics for long-term in-depth treatment, with the college population, parents, mothers and with those mandated to attend domestic violence perpetrator groups.

I have worked successfully with couples, all gender/orientations, emotional regulation including anger management, anxiety, and depression, loss and transitions, as well as postdoctoral training working in neuropsychology with people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and strokes. Along with my clinical practice, I have worked with retreat centers in Costa Rica and was a core member of the New Earth Institute Birth & Dying faculty, working on the creation of a prenatal retreat and center for pregnant moms.

Much of my work focuses on assisting others through into reconnection with themselves so they can have more choice in their responses, have better relationships and have more energy, joy and vitality.

My clinical training encompasses brain, body and energy psychology practices. In bringing together spiritual and heart-based practices with my clinical training to assist healing and educating others, I feel I am truly honoring my father, my mother and our mother earth.

“Working with Dr. Loi was a wonderful experience. Calm, non judgmental, and compassionate, she helped me break through issues which were holding me back and gave me the tools to tap into my true self and move forward with clarity. I would highly recommend Dr. Loi Medvin to anyone seeking the space to work through life’s little and not so little issues!”

– G.D., Monte Rio CA

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“When my partner leaves town, I have a hard time sleeping soundly.  This has been going on for years.  I purchased Dr. Loi’s Meditation CD and there are so many guided meditations. I find the whole CD helpful. I’ve defeated my insomnia with the sleep meditation. I also use these guided meditations when I lose focus. I take a little time for a guided meditation, and the clutter in my mind clears out and I am much more productive.”

– N. J., Petaluma CA

More Testimonials

“Dr. Loi’s meditative and relaxation cd has been a great aid in assisting me to gain restful sleep and peace of mind when I am often unable to find tranquility. I highly recommend these recordings to anyone seeking a calm soothing voice to relax with.”

 – J. K., Sebastopol CA

More Testimonials

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