Individual/Couples Therapy – Reconnect

Dr. Loi offers individual or couples therapy for optimal healing in an empowering way. You will learn how to manage your emotional states and self-soothe (in essence rewiring your brain) and then have the tools to communicate what you need! She has a special focus on supporting her clients in clearing away traumas, anxiety and dysfunctional patterns caused by early life experiences, miscarriages, abusive relationships and past birth trauma. This is helpful for those who wish to let go of the traumas they’ve suffered and/or achieve pregnancy – research shows you are more able to conceive when your levels of stress are decreased. This clearing may also allow for an easier prenatal time, a more gentle birth, an increased sense of connection in your relationship and a more vibrant and flowing life experience. Dr. Loi also works with Birth Keepers/Birth Professionals (doulas, midwives, nurses and doctors) who have experienced trauma and wish to clear their issues to be of greater assistance to their clients (and themselves). She teaches helpful strategies and trauma clearing tools they can utilize and then incorporate into their work.

Coaching – Awaken To Your Full Potential 

Dr. Loi is a consultant and coach for birth professionals (doulas, midwives, nurses, doctors), those who wish to have children, during pregnancy and postpartum as well as other parenting issues, life path choices, relationship difficulties, and life transitions. This can be the first step towards greater ease and a deeply fulfilling life path of your dreams.

Group Process – Increase Your Relating Power

Dr. Loi leads both educational and process groups in a variety of topics including Conscious Conception, Self-Soothing Strategies, Clearing for Birth Professionals, Powerful and Positive Tools for Increased Connection, Easy Ways to Ease…Letting Go of Anxiety, Worry, Anger, and Self-In-Relation, among others. Feel free to contact her to explore options.

Dr. Loi can also help you with:

  • Anxiety or anger you aren’t able to control
  • PTSD and other traumas
  • Grief and loss
  • Transformational experiences
  • Existential and spiritual issues
  • Low self-esteem
  • Life transitions

Video & Phone Sessions Available

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Mindfulness, Somatic (body), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EFT (tapping), and Matrix Reimprinting.

Other Specialities:

Anger management and anxiety reduction.

Healing Birth is Healing the Earth

Jeannine Parvati

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