The New Earth Birth & Dying (B & D) Faculty is a group of inspired and passionate people who are focused on  creating a new paradigm for the planet – a world that honors and protects the souls coming in and leaving this earth in a loving, respectful way. We promote conception, pregnancy, birth and dying as conscious arts and disseminate information so that these processes are held as sacred.

We believe is vitally important that people are educated about critical periods of development and although science is just beginning to realize the importance of the conception/pregnancy time, we know that the work begins even before this.

In order to optimize the well-being of our future, we must focus on clearing the way so these new souls can come in and remain whole. We strive to bring back the sense of aliveness and wonder that naturally springs from growing and living in an environment of resonance, connection and trust rather than fear, shame or disconnection.

Part of this process must address the parents-to-be’s traumas and fears, to look at whatever negative behavioral patterns and shadows they may be holding onto (even unconsciously) and work towards ease and integration. In doing this, we can interrupt the intergenerational transmission of trauma that is prevalent in our current culture and this individual shift will ripple out to affect the whole.

Science (and specifically the science of Epigenetics) shows us that although we are born with a specific genetic sequence, whether those genes are turned on or off is a result of our environmental influences (including hormones from the mother, physiological influences; nutrition, toxins, air, water, the way the mother/child is treated, what s/he sees (modeling), and countless other interactions that occur before birth and beyond).

What this means is that we have much more responsibility than previously thought, but also much more possibility for change! We can break the fear paradigm and ease us into a more joyful, resonant state.

In light of these factors, we are creating the first Sunrise Centre, a prenatal paradise for healing and transformation that is located in a lush rainforest on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.  This center is dedicated to the optimal wellbeing of pregnant mothers and therefore will focus on addressing the needs of pregnant (and pre-conception) mothers and their partners.

This blissful place will offer pregnant mothers facilities for education, nurturing and therapeutic activities such as singing, dancing, storytelling, reading and writing, meditating, painting, yoga, and various crafts, as well as star gazing and sunrise contemplation.

They will have the opportunity to learn new skills and have therapy sessions for clearing, enjoy quiet moment of reflection, have nourishing meals and sleeping quarters if desired. There will also be a space for partner therapies and group sessions. Our plan is for this center to be prototype for other centers in various communities, NE and beyond.  


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